About Us

Spirit Glow handcrafted fine jewelry is a collaboration of two jewelry European and now American artists.

Natalia (Natasha) Chebotar and Simon (Sam) Zelikman. Between the two of us we have over 55+ years of experience in design and creation of handmade fine jewelry. Having completed thousands of contracts with many high-end retail jewelers, there is not much we have not seen or done. Our studio is in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and all our work is done by the two of us and in the United States. Having settled in USA decades ago we both proudly proclaim it our home as decades-long naturalized US citizens.

Natalia Chebotar is a graduate of the College of arts in Europe, and a loving mother raising her young son. She is a master carver, designer, sculptor, a true creative force with many years of experience working in all types of materials and metals. Her passion for nature and the beauty all around us is evident in her creative efforts.

Simon Zelikman apprenticed with several master jewelers in the late seventies. Chicago jewelers row had many true masters in the discipline of fine jewelry creation to learn from. These masters of the art were from Europe, Asia, South, and North America. Chicago jewelers row was second to none in the availability of skill and talent. Having a natural aptitude, and the passion to learn as many skills as he could, Sam gratefully and thankfully worked to absorb as much as possible.

Decades in the business, and knowing each other for a long time we are excited to work together as Spirit Glow. We both have our own very different styles and tastes, and now working together we are producing some very interesting outcomes. As I have shared before; A creative crafts person Is only content or satisfied when he or she is appreciated for the work that they produce, which always drives us forward to the next new, liked, appreciated, unique and different.

Enjoying hearing from our customers we welcome all input and any creative ideas or questions they may have. Creating a piece of jewelry is as personal to us as it is to the person who chooses to purchase something we have produced for their very own. Natasha and Sam care very much about what they produce and how they are remembered or perceived. Spirit Glow handcrafted fine jewelry is here to not only serve our customer, to earn trust but also to make new friends and hope to create new and lasting relationships.