Creation of a piece of jewelry starts with a design visualized in the mind of the artist. After some hours, days, or more, of deliberation we produce some rough sketches where the most important profiles are considered and refined. Lines and ideas dictated by nature, animal kingdom, history and art, are our guides and inspiration.

Model making/Lost wax casting:

In the next stage, the designer starts by cutting out and carving a wax design outlined in the sketch. Continually refining the lines, details, and size. The eventual result is a wax model painstakingly refined and detailed to the artists' satisfaction.

Many of the details and decorations to the piece of jewelry visualized by the artist are possible only after the piece is cast, polished, finished, and decorated. Sometimes with stones, engraving, or other color metal, which are now seen only in the imagination of the craftsperson.

Silicone or rubber mold:

A mold is made of the finished wax model by pouring liquid silicone over it, or a cast metal piece is vulcanized in rubber. After the mold hardens and cures it is carefully cut so that the original can be easily taken out. The mold is now ready to be injected with molten liquid wax to reproduce the original as many times as necessary.


The wax reproductions are then set up is “tree” on a rubber base. Then covered in a special flask with liquid investment. After curing/hardening, the rubber base is removed. The flask is now ready to be fired, by being placed in an oven to be burned out. After some hours in the oven, and the temperature lowered to the desired degree the flask is ready to be injected with molten metal. This is done by centrifugal force or vacuum. This is why this process is called “Lost wax casting”.

Other methods of creating jewelry:

Other types of handmade jewelry are done by an assembly in metal only. By melting metal into a form and rolling it out, or drawing wire by hand.

All the parts are then produced by filing, cutting, piercing and polishing before assembly. There are too many skills involved in this process to list here. Having several decades of experience in making fine jewelry we are very capable to produce or advise on any of your ideas and imaginations.